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last night i dreamt i was at a baseball game and i was on the kiss-cam next to this cute boy with his family and everyone was cheering us on and the guy smiled at me and i smiled back and then i leaned over and kissed his sister instead and the stadium went completely silent before the announcer said “well that was certainly a curveball” and i laughed so hard i woke myself up

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Colleges don’t offer this as a major so what’s the fucking point

Yes they do and I’m taking it

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After seeing some “dragon”-like skulls going around Tumblr, let me introduce the skull of a Gila Monster. 

Their skulls are quite beautiful and almost fantastical in appearance.

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There’s a different hole. For pee? What?! You crazy.

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One of the best cosplays at this year’s Comic-Con. [via]

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